Will My Tips Make A Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions.

All you need is the SPK UP NC app to have the power of information right at your fingertips. The power to report what's happening around where you live, work and play. The power to know what kinds of incidents have occurred in your school,on your bus and even in the community that affect your school's climate. Power to change, "if only i'd known..." into, "now I know, and I make a difference."

What is SPK UP NC?
SPK UP NC is a mobile tool for students to use to report incidents involving bullying, underage alcohol and drug use, fights, weapons and other dangerous situations in their schools. It's a proactive, hands-on, partnership between you-the students of SPK UP NC-and the SPK UP NC school officials and school resource officers.

  • You can use SPK UP NC in your school.
  • You can use SPK UP NC on your bus.
  • You can use SPK UP NC in your home.
You Say Tips Are Anonymous, But What If You Need To Contact Me?

Tips are completely anonymous, but you can choose to give the SPK UP NC administrators your contact data if you feel the tip may require us to contact you.

Your tips are encoded and are absolutely anonymous automatically, and with SPK UP NC your identity is protected by Federal Law.

Can my parents use SPK UP NC?

Absolutely. Keeping your family involved in your safety is of great importance to us. By sharing the SPK UP NC App with family, you are helping to not only make your parents an informed partner, but helping others to do the same for their families and friends.