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Send School Tips from Your Mobile Phone. Anywhere, Anytime. Anonymously.

What is "SPK UP NC"?

SPK UP NC is a tool for students to use to report incidents involving bullying, illegal drug use, fights, weapons and other dangerous situations.

What does it do?

SPK UP NC allows the user to report these incidents to their school administrators and school resource officer, who will investigate and resolve the issue or prevent an incident from occurring.

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Take SPK UP NC With You

On the go with SPK UP NC

Carrying SPK UP NC can provide a sense of security that you always have a method to send tips. It's not just an app it's mobile, free and anonymous.

Help create a safe school environment.

With awareness comes the opportunity to make changes--to take action. And SPK UP NC is the only mobile app specially created to do just that for schools in North Carolina..

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SPK UP NC Works on Computers, Laptops and Tablets.

Use your tablet or computer to report tips.

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Your computer or tablet is a great way to use SPK UP NC from this website, or you download the app to your phone or tablet. Join the team.

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What SPK UP NC! Means In North Carolina

  • It's Powerful Technology

    SPK UP NC is a mobile application that enables students and parents to turn in tips, images and videos about potential crimes, school violations, or suspicious activities to the appropriate school officials and your school resource officer from almost any mobile phone or PC. See it Tip it Stop it.

  • It's A Direct Line

    Submit digital photos or videos along with text information from cell phones directly to the SPK UP NC school administrative team to investigate a tip.

    Your local school officials will investigate these tips in the same manner as they would any report or allegation they receive in person, and then resolve the issue or prevent an incident from occurring.

  • It's Secure & Anonymous

    Now you can send tips anonymously, securely and easily with SPK UP NC.

    State law excludes all data and info acquired by SPK UP NC from the public records law. This means tips and associated info shall not be subject to inspection and examination.

  • It Helps Us Help You

    If you see safety related incidents such as: bullying; fighting; underage use of alcohol or drugs; or are worried for a friend's safety, you can now See it Tip it Stop it.